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First NameLast NameDate of Birth
Date of Death
Gilbert StevenBryant0000-00-002005-11-04Mt. View (Camden)Died at 15 Years oldView
Theresa A.Edgecomb0000-00-002005-11-07Oak Hill (Camden)Died at 93 years old in Topsham, MEView
MarjorieWentworth0000-00-002005-12-04Mt. View (Camden)Died in Portland, Maine - 75 yearsView
Bruce PeterKing0000-00-002005-12-16Oak Hill (Camden) View
Henry S. Jr.Beckford0000-00-002006-01-06Oak Hill (Camden)ashesView
Fauna C.Small0000-00-002006-01-13Mt. View (Camden)Died in Rockport, ME at 76 yrs. oldView
Jennie RebeccaNash0000-00-002006-01-19Mt. View (Camden)died in Sanford, ME at 80 yrs. oldView
MarjorieFagan1926-00-002006-01-24Oak Hill (Camden) View
Mary A.Sullivan0000-00-002006-01-30Oak Hill (Camden)died in Camden, ME, 69 yrs oldView
Marion GilleyAnderson0000-00-002006-02-10Mt. View (Camden)ashes, no date of birthView