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First NameLast NameDate of Birth
Date of Death
Edna NettieBraman1875-09-231962-02-26Mt. View (Camden)Wife of Thomas E. Braman & Sister of Edward RichardsView
Lucy JaneGlover1815-00-001851-00-00Mt. View (Camden)Wife of Thomas GloverView
Lucy W.Glover1826-00-001887-00-00Mt. View (Camden)Wife of Thomas GloverView
Lucinda C.Heal1853-00-001934-00-00Mt. View (Camden)Wife of Thomas HealView
Fidelia H.Deshon0000-00-001845-00-00Mt. View (Camden)Wife of Thomas M. DeshonView
HannahMansfield1781-00-001854-00-00Mt. View (Camden)Wife of Thomas MansfieldView
Hulda M.McLellan1798-00-001876-00-00Mt. View (Camden)Wife of Thomas McLellanView
BetseyGould1783-00-001863-00-00Mt. View (Camden)Wife of Tilson GouldView
Georgianna H. BartlettCrowell1837-00-001914-00-00Mt. View (Camden)Wife of Timothy B. Crowell and Daughter of Thomas C. BartlettView
NancyFay1795-00-001874-00-00Mt. View (Camden)Wife of Timothy FayView