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First NameLast NameDate of Birth
Date of Death
Adeline M.Rogers1850-00-001936-00-00Mt. View (Camden)Wife of George H. RogersView
Adeline P.Blake1830-00-001903-00-00Mt. View (Camden)View
AdellaPhillips0000-00-000000-00-00Mt. View (Camden)No Dates of Birth or Death AvailableView
Adella A.Dean1846-00-001919-00-00Mt. View (Camden)Wife of Samuel A. DeanView
Adella D. HubbardHall1854-00-001879-00-00Mt. View (Camden)Daughter of Calvin & Nancy Hubbard and Wife of Elwin T. HallView
Adelle O.Munroe1846-00-001911-00-00Mt. View (Camden)View
Adin A.Payson1874-00-001950-00-00Mt. View (Camden)Son of S. Josephine & Henry L. PaysonView
Adin LoringHopkins1893-00-001954-00-00Mt. View (Camden)Son of George Clifford & Laura Azella HopkinsView
Adria May GrossDailey1889-00-001954-00-00Mt. View (Camden)Wife of Harridon (Harry) Everett Dailey and Daughter of Leslie & Ida M. Hall Gross (Moore)View
Adrian F.Kelleher1891-05-221967-07-05Mt. View (Camden)Husband of Vivaneen Kelleher and Son of Barthelemew & Mary Fitzgerald KelleherView