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First NameLast NameDate of Birth
Date of Death
Alaura JeanErickson1966-10-121966-10-12Mt. View (Camden)Infant Daughter of Allen & Albertress Sedgwick EricksonView
Baby GirlBanks1967-12-151967-12-15Mt. View (Camden)View
Baby BoyGilbert1968-04-211968-04-21Mt. View (Camden)View
BabyCox1968-07-081968-07-08Mt. View (Camden)View
Michael ShaneKennedy1968-10-141968-12-31Oak Hill (Camden)No Grave Number Available.View
AngelaMcGowan1968-10-241968-10-24Oak Hill (Camden)View
Michael ScottAho1969-07-121969-07-12Mt. View (Camden)StillbornView
Kelley AnnLow1969-11-051969-11-05Oak Hill (Camden)View
Ronald Jr.St. Onge1970-00-001970-05-17Mt. View (Camden)Died Age 3 months.View
Brian Scott.Stone1970-00-001970-12-14Mt. View (Camden)Died Age 2 months and 12 days.View