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First NameLast NameDate of Birth
Date of Death
Leo JosephArau0000-00-002006-09-30Oak Hill (Camden)76 years, Augusta, MEView
Mary AliceNorbeck0000-00-002006-10-09Oak Hill (Camden)Died in Lake Wales, FL. Ashes.View
Francis LesliePellerin0000-00-002006-10-10Oak Hill (Camden)86 years, Roanoke, VAView
Pasquale F.Guglielmo0000-00-002006-10-22Mt. View (Camden)81 years, Rockport, MEView
Donald E.Philbrook0000-00-002006-10-29Mt. View (Camden)ashes, Rockport, MEView
Joseph Robert, Sr.Booth0000-00-002006-10-31Mt. View (Camden)ashes, Rockport, MEView
John RobertMcLeod0000-00-002006-11-15Oak Hill (Camden)82 yearsView
Louise O.Chapin0000-00-002006-11-18Mt. View (Camden)ashes, Camden, MEView
MargaretJohnson0000-00-002006-12-02Mt. View (Camden)82 yearsView
Bertha N.Bachelor0000-00-002006-12-13Oak Hill (Camden)Died in Nashua, NH.View