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First NameLast NameDate of Birth
Date of Death
Ann H.Dickens0000-00-002006-12-15Mt. View (Camden)Died in Bangor, ME. AshesView
MargaretMcLeod1927-00-002006-12-28Oak Hill (Camden)age 79 yearsView
Mildred E.Davis0000-00-002007-01-21Mt. View (Camden)died in Camden, ME age 96 yearsView
BarbaraIngraham0000-00-002007-01-25Mt. View (Camden)Died in age 79 in Putnam, CT. Ashes.View
LewisKing0000-00-002007-02-28Oak Hill (Camden)died in Rockland, ME age 81 yearsView
Linda U.Mills0000-00-002007-03-05Mt. View (Camden)Ashes. Died in Lincolnville.View
Ruth P.Milliken0000-00-002007-03-15Mt. View (Camden)died in Camden, Me age 89 yearsView
Phyllis KnightConverse0000-00-002007-03-20Mt. View (Camden)ashes; died in Rockport, MEView
Edna RankinLibby0000-00-002007-04-02Mt. View (Camden)died in Rockport, ME age 78 yearsView
Kilton CarlCrabtree0000-00-002007-04-04Oak Hill (Camden)died in Rockland, ME age 73 yearsView