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First NameLast NameDate of Birth
Date of Death
Elizabeth MathewsLord0000-00-002007-07-05Mt. View (Camden)Died in Frederick, MD. AshesView
Nancy HubbardWhitney0000-00-002007-08-20Oak Hill (Camden)Died age 72 in Boston, MA. Ashes.View
Austin R.Kelly0000-00-002007-08-22Oak Hill (Camden)Died age 73 in Togus, MEView
Shirley OnetaThompson0000-00-002007-08-23Mt. View (Camden)Died age 93. Ashes.View
Frances D.Cecchi0000-00-002007-09-08Oak Hill (Camden)Died age 85 years in Rockland, ME.View
Maynard L.Norton0000-00-002007-10-09Mt. View (Camden)Died age 82 in Northport, ME.View
Elizabeth VeronicaBurns0000-00-002007-10-16Oak Hill (Camden)Died age 95. Ashes.View
Frances V.Tranquillo0000-00-002007-11-17Mt. View (Camden)Died age 95 in Camden, ME.View
Herbert H. Jr.Hanscom0000-00-002007-11-27Oak Hill (Camden)Died age 91 in Camden, ME.View
Charles M.Brown0000-00-002007-11-29Mt. View (Camden)Died age 62 in San Anselmo, CA. Ashes.View