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First NameLast NameDate of Birth
Date of Death
RayAlden0000-00-002008-08-29Mt. View (Camden)Died in St. Mary's Hospital, Richmond, VA.View
Beatrice E.St. Pierre0000-00-002008-09-12Oak Hill (Camden)Died in Camden. Ashes.View
Marvin L.Peasley1950-11-052008-09-14Mt. View (Camden)Died in Middletown, DE.View
Thomas AndrewMacLeod0000-00-002008-09-15Mt. View (Camden)Ashes.View
Hallie H.Leonard0000-00-002008-09-21Oak Hill (Camden)Died in Camden, ME. View
George F. Jr.Dean0000-00-002008-09-24Mt. View (Camden)Ashes. No date of birth available. Died in Hartford, CT.View
Mark N.Young0000-00-002008-09-24Mt. View (Camden)Died in Plainfield, CTView
HowardCahill0000-00-002008-10-01Mt. View (Camden)View
Olive RuthLovejoy0000-00-002008-10-10Oak Hill (Camden)Died in Rockport.View
Hazel IreneMorrison0000-00-002008-10-25Oak Hill (Camden)Ashes. Died in Burlington, MAView