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First NameLast NameDate of Birth
Date of Death
EmilyGilson0000-00-002008-11-01Oak Hill (Camden)Ashes. Died in Camden.View
EmilyGilson0000-00-002008-11-01Oak Hill (Camden)Age 94. Ashes.View
Jane A.Robertson1915-05-012008-12-17Mt. View (Camden)Ashes. Died in Camden.View
Donald L.Pearse1924-09-102009-01-02Mt. View (Camden)Ashes. Died in Camden.View
Leona A.Carleton0000-00-002009-01-13Oak Hill (Camden)Died in Biddeford, ME.View
Frances OliveMitchell0000-00-002009-01-24Oak Hill (Camden)Died in Rockport, ME.View
Marian F.Leonard1922-06-212009-02-04Mt. View (Camden)Ashes. Died in Camden, ME.View
Jane G. Hale0000-00-002009-03-03Oak Hill (Camden)Ashes.View
Horace B.Rokes1920-05-172009-03-10Mt. View (Camden)Ashes. Died in Camden.View
Elizabeth LordHall1915-08-312009-03-18Oak Hill (Camden)Ashes. Died in Mission Viejo, CA.View