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First NameLast NameDate of Birth
Date of Death
Eda TrippYoung1860-00-001927-00-00Mt. View (Camden)Wife of Frank M. YoungView
Edison M.Young1879-10-251958-11-26Oak Hill (Camden)View
EdithYoung1888-00-001891-00-00Mt. View (Camden)View
Edward Sr. (Putt)Young0000-00-000000-00-00Mt. View (Camden)No Dates of Birth or Death Available. No Stone.View
ElizaYoung1812-00-001884-00-00Mt. View (Camden)Wife of Charles Young.View
Eugene G.Young1868-00-001941-00-00Mt. View (Camden)View
EvelynYoung0000-00-000000-00-00Mt. View (Camden)No Dates of Birth or Death Available.View
FlorenceYoung1886-00-001896-00-00Mt. View (Camden)View
Florence A.Young0000-00-001987-12-29Oak Hill (Camden)No Date of Birth Available. Died Age 71 years.View
Florence M.Young1900-08-291984-07-27Mt. View (Camden)Died Age 83 years.View