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First NameLast NameDate of Birth
Date of Death
Eliza E.Allenwood1834-00-001915-00-00Mt. View (Camden)Wife of John B. AllenwoodView
Elizabeth H.Allenwood1859-00-001904-00-00Mt. View (Camden)View
Etta E.Allenwood1861-00-001882-00-00Mt. View (Camden)View
F. EsterAllenwood1798-00-001871-00-00Mt. View (Camden)Wife of Mathes AllenwoodView
FlorenceAllenwood0000-00-002002-09-15Mt. View (Camden)No Date of Birth Available. Ashes.View
Frederic E.Allenwood1856-00-001885-00-00Mt. View (Camden)View
Harold L.Allenwood0000-00-001972-03-03Mt. View (Camden)Age 58 yrs. Son of Lewis E. & Ruby Kimball AllenwoodView
Hazel GliddenAllenwood1904-03-201969-03-03Mt. View (Camden)Wife of Harold L. Allenwood and Daughter of Iva & Edith GliddenView
J. FrankAllenwood0000-00-001939-00-00Mt. View (Camden)No Birth Date and No StoneView
John B.Allenwood1836-00-001918-00-00Mt. View (Camden)View