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First NameLast NameDate of Birth
Date of Death
Andrea J.Young0000-00-002002-02-23Mt. View (Camden)Ashes Died in Lincolnville View
Gwendolyn GayJamieson0000-00-002004-06-15Mt. View (Camden)Ashes Died at 68 yrs View
Grace MarieMakepeace0000-00-002004-06-12Mt. View (Camden)Died in Rockland at 77 yrsView
Hazel P.McCrum0000-00-002004-06-21Oak Hill (Camden)Ashes Died at 95 yrsView
Gail PatriciaCurtis1942-00-001990-00-00Oak Hill (Camden)AshesView
Frances BWalls0000-00-002004-06-29Oak Hill (Camden)Died at 85 yrsView
Helene IsabelBurgess1918-00-001982-00-00Oak Hill (Camden)AshesView
EmilyGilson0000-00-002008-11-01Oak Hill (Camden)Age 94. Ashes.View
HelenBlock0000-00-001991-02-08Oak Hill (Camden)Age 85. Ashes. Died in Rockport.View
Clyde MelvinBrown1915-08-062008-05-30Oak Hill (Camden)Died in Rockport. Ashes.View