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First NameLast NameDate of Birth
Date of Death
Dorothy L.Guistra0000-00-002009-10-05Mt. View (Camden) View
Dorothy L.Giustra0000-00-002009-10-05Mt. View (Camden)Died in Camden, ME. View
Janet EstelleTaggart1927-09-132009-10-03Mt. View (Camden)Died in Scarborough, ME.View
Walter RobertLudwick0000-00-002009-09-21Mt. View (Camden)Died in Camden, ME. View
Walter StanleyKarod0000-00-002009-09-03Mt. View (Camden)Died in Lewiston, ME.View
Vincenza MarieMassa0000-00-002009-08-30Mt. View (Camden)Died in Camden, ME. View
Jeannette MonroeRobbins0000-00-002009-08-23Oak Hill (Camden)Died in Rockport, ME.View
Flora BlancheWright1908-05-272009-08-20Mt. View (Camden)Ashes. Died in Camden, ME.View
Doris FitzgeraldThomas0000-00-002009-07-05Mt. View (Camden)Died in Camden, ME. View
HelenPrice0000-00-002009-06-19Mt. View (Camden)Ashes. Died in Broward County, FL.View